Tuesday April 24: Mourn the Victims of Peter Munk: Confront Barrick Gold

9:30am – 11am.  88 Queens Quay West

The media’s response to the death of Peter Munk – valourizing a man responsible for countless deaths, widespread sexual assault, and the destruction of entire ecosystems – is a reminder of the power of money. It sets a dangerous precedent – that whatever crimes you commit, whatever devastation you cause, can be forgiven if only you share a fraction of your stolen wealth.

Meanwhile, Peter Munk’s legacy exists in many places – sites that are marked by active resistance against the lies and impacts of Barrick Gold.

Join us outside Barrick Gold’s AGM as we honour the victims and uplift the demands of communities silenced by the drumming of Munk’s accolades.

Together, we can create a scene to counter Munk’s image of benevolence and demand accountability for the communities impacted by Barrick.